ABOUT: EarthMindedConsumerProducts

EarthMinded™ is a company that develops environmentally responsible products. Our goal is to make products that will create a better world in which we all live.

We provide products that help customers conserve scarce resources. For example, our RainStation™ rain barrel allows families to effortlessly capture rainwater flowing through their downspouts that would typically be lost into storm drains and sewer systems. The captured water can be used for a variety of activities: gardening, watering houseplants, washing a car, and doing many other household chores. This reduces water consumption, and in many cases, lessens the stress on municipal water treatment facilities.

We're also developing innovative products that will help people and communities that are struggling with access to water. In the future, we'll offer solutions that will help highly water-stressed regions of the world conserve, store and use this precious resource.

EarthMinded manufactures products in a responsible manner with a focus on using recycled content and reducing scrap and energy.

EarthMinded is headquartered in Delaware, Ohio.